Save the Soch!

Help Save The Soch!

We have an opportunity to save the SOCH if we can come together as a community

We are asking you to invest in the opportunity to save the SOCH. Our goal is $60,000 by October 30 and we know we can raise that! We know the value of the club, and we know this community will fight for our second home to reopen when its safe to do so.

We are asking members current and those who have not visited in a while to help by pitching in and asking their friends to do so as well. If just 1,200 people pitch in $50 each, we will meet the requirement to get the club in good standing and be positioned to re-open when bars are allowed.

We have already seen immense generosity from our community, from $20 donations to pledges of $1,000. LGBTQ New Mexicans and our allies are stepping up. We would love for you to be counted among them!

Before it was the SOCH

The bar, affectionately known as the SOCH, is a 30+ year old institution in Albuquerque, New Mexico. As the oldest gay bar in our city, SOCH has been a safe place for thousands of queer and trans folks over the decades.

It is often compared to the fictional “Cheers”, a home bar where no one is a stranger for long. Whether there to watch a fun drag show or a quiet night of drinking and sharing stories with friends, SOCH has always welcomed everyone.

There is no way to simply sum up what the SOCH means to our community. The Wilde Bunch LGBTQ square dancing group met regularly there, the United Court of the Sandias (a community fundraising charity) regularly held events to raise money, and there is even a regular “art show” where members of the club can display and sell their art, providing a space where queer themed art and LGBTQ+ artists can be recognized for their contributions.

There are many ways to support the SOCH. Please choose the method you are most comfortable with.
Donate via PayPal


Donate via PayPal

PayPal @theasc4021

“The SOCH saved my life by giving me a place to be myself and be part of a community” is something we hear all the time about the space the SOCH provides.

Please consider investing in the SOCH so that we may continue providing such a space to future generations.

Past Board Meetings on Zoom

Our most recent board meeting (October 27) can be found here with the passcode: e+7uU&5F

The previous meeting held on October 12 can be found here with the passcode: UM@*v#9O

Our board meeting held in September can be found here.